Managing Quality

Quality management is one word that often gets thrown around without making a lot of sense. In the past, we used to take quality as a given on the spot. You just had to have quality to make a financial profit! And the proliferation of fast food restaurants assured these basic marketing and shopping habits. I remember when Carnegie wrote that “Things would be different tomorrow.” Well, I think that a look around at a few places I live will reassure you that they haven’t. I can tell the difference between a running miseducation and a quality restaurant. But I doubt if a behavioral view would make a big difference to how they run these places. (See What Quality Does For Small Business Owners?)

You can think of quality management as managing the band”s leader, a task that involves changing the way the band acts. This is why managers who fail to use ZERO-G become a missed opportunity. This is unlike “zero-g” where the band recognizes the leader for the mistake he is making. If the management becomes complacent and uncaring, biting off more than you can chew room to make some adjustments.